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AQUA KING RO TECHNOLOGY Water Purifier is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Appliances Company indian Home headquartered in Nashik, india we deliver top notch Products like water Purifiers, water heaters, Solar Panels and various other home and kitchen appliances. AQUA KING is one of the leading home appliances brands in India

AQUAKING, We think access to clean and pure drinking water is fundamental right of people. Our unique and leading water purifier systems are testimony to this. Aqua King water purifiers remove excess salts, suspended particles and microbes from water, and retain its essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. We aspire to shed the notion of water purifiers being luxury and premium household item, knowing that water related diseases are primary cause for 80 percent of all illness in developing countries. Our advanced technology uses combination of UF, UV, RO, TDS controls and Alkaline methodologies to treat and make water pure, clean and safe for consumption.

Water Filteration

Water Filteration system

Pure As Necter

in the form of water

Mineral Water

With double protection

Benifits of Aquaking

Advantages Of Aquaking RO Technology

enhance taste
of water

Infuse your water with fresh fruits like berries or cucumber slices to add a natural sweetness.

Remove hardness
of water

Boil the water and let it cool before using it. The minerals will settle at the bottom of the container, and you can pour off the softened water.

control water borne diseases

Water filtration can remove impurities and harmful microorganisms from water. There are different types of water filters available, such as activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis filters, and ceramic filters.

Tds control

Regularly monitoring TDS levels in water can help identify problems early and prevent damage to plumbing fixtures and appliances. TDS meters can be used to measure TDS levels in water.

hard water can be processed

Lime softening involves adding lime to hard water to create a chemical reaction that causes the hard minerals to precipitate out of the water. The water is then filtered to remove the precipitated minerals.

Provide hygenic drinking water

Regular testing of drinking water is essential to ensure that it is safe for consumption. Testing should be done at the source, during treatment, and at the point of use to identify any potential issues.


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